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More Than

A Winery

Here at Amber Falls we are more than a winery; we're a community. Read more about our story below and book your visit today!


Our Rich History

Judy and Tim purchased the Lewis County property in 2003 with the intention of building and opening a christian retreat center. As things worked out the retreat center did not happen and a beautiful vineyard and winery developed. The first vines, Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc, were planted in 2005. For the next 3 years, several thousand more vines were planted as the vineyard expanded. 


The winery tasting room opened in March of 2008 and the community has never been the same. Travelers and wine lovers from every state and many international countries have discovered Hampshire and Amber Falls Winery & Cellars. Award winning wines, live music, fundraising events, food trucks, television specials, magazine articles and more have brought attention to this wonderful community and the people and families living and working here.


In 2019, Amber Falls Winery Tasting Room - Nashville was opened. The outstanding Satellite Room and Wine Bar introduced the wonders of Amber Falls Winery to a much larger audience. It has been wonderful to see how, over the years, our community has grown and thousands across the world have been able to experience and enjoy the specialness of Amber Falls Winery & Cellars and join our community of family and friends.

Meet Our Talented, Dedicated Team

We're more than a winery, we're an eclectic community of passionate connoisseurs making world-class wine in the heart of Tennessee.

Experience our Winery in Hampshire, TN

Our winery is located in the rolling hills of Hampshire, Tennessee. Come pay us a visit and experience the magic. Experience wine tastings and more!

Experience our Tasting Room in Nashville

With a store located in the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, Tennessee, experiencing, enjoying, tasting, and buying Amber Falls wines has never been more convenient!

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